Impact did a major renovation on our house, including an addition that almost doubled the size of our house, as well as many improvements to the existing house. Everyone - from the head of the company to project manager to the individuals who worked on the house on a daily basis - was extremely professional and thoughtful in their work. At the time, my kids were 2, 5 and 7 and everyone knew we only wanted to be out of the house for a very limited period of time, and Impact delivered. We were back in our house earlier than expected! I cannot recommend this company enough. If I could give them ten stars I would!

- Marjorie C.

Impact completed a beautiful addition and major renovation inside our 100-year old home. They worked really well with our architect, designer, and us. They have calm, professional staff who are really good at all stages of the project. The build was completed on time, and they have remained available months later when we have had questions. We are really happy with the look of our home, and we highly recommend this company.

- Jennifer L.

We've worked on a variety of projects with Impact since 2012. We are always impressed by the professionalism and responsiveness of Justin and his team. They are friendly, knowledgeable, and detail-oriented. They listen to their clients and take great care to keep them as comfortable as possible while their homes are being torn apart. When the occasional challenge arises, as they always do during construction, Impact works with us and our client to clarify the issues and come up with solutions in a constructive, efficient way. Working with Impact is a pleasure and we look forward to many more projects together in the future.

- Studio Crowley Hall

Impact not only did great work but their people were a pleasure to have in our home while they expanded and renovated it. Whatever we asked for they did and then some. We ended up learning a lot about construction from them. They met deadlines and showed great pride in the work they did. I'm very pleased and can recommend people use them.

- Tony M.

We hired Impact for a renovation of our upstairs bathroom. Our house is quite old (1916) and Impact approached the project with a keen understanding of what renovations of old houses often entails. Impact did not cut corners; they completely gutted the room and addressed all structural issues with great care. Now we find that the bathroom is the most structurally sound room in the house. The craftsmen Impact used on our project also did fine work--plumbing, electrical, cabinetmaker, shower glass installer and window installer. Plus Impact's own craftsmen for tile, carpentry and painting were terrific. Most importantly for a family with two small children, I can't praise Impact enough for their cleanliness and their ability to keep dust and debris out of the rest of the house. Like all construction projects, issues arose where my spouse and I expressed concerns, and in every instance, Impact's response was immediate and complete.

- John M.

I have nothing but the highest praise for Impact Construction. For a complex and extensive renovation project, they provided work of the highest quality, with excellent communication and problem-solving throughout.

When the roof of my house started leaking, I hired Catarina Ferreira and Archi-textual for an extensive project to tear off the existing roof deck of my DC home, replace my roof, and design and build a new roof deck. Catarina introduced me to Robert Bozzo and Impact Construction. It was a major project that ultimately cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, including renovations to a bathroom and bedroom.

Impact were excellent from the beginning. This project was unusual, because there was an immediate need to tear off the existing roof and replace it, and then an extensive process to design a new roof deck, and then renovate a bedroom and bathroom, and renovate walls, floors and ceilings throughout the house. The projects ultimately took a long time, and cost a lot of money, but Impact did excellent work.

Impact replaced the roof on an accelerated time frame, even coming in the middle of the night to protect the house when it rained unexpectedly in the middle of the roofing project. The new roof deck took longer than I hoped it would, but Impact were honest and upfront about how long it would take, and generally met the time frames they laid out.

They did complex and thoughtful detective work to track down a pre-existing, difficult-to-identify gas exhaust leak in the walls of my house. Finally, they made a huge heroic push to finish the new bedroom, bathroom and walls and floors for most of the house in a greatly accelerated timeframe that another contractor could not believe. The other contractor, in my house for a separate issue said “I guess you’re about 45 days away from finishing?”, but Impact finished everything in only 18 days. Everyone was amazed. I could name several examples where Impact went above and beyond in their work.

Impact Construction was not cheap - I ultimately paid more than I would have liked -- but they did top-notch work, were excellent communicators, and did first-rate work for a complex project on a very accelerated time frame. The minor problems that came up, as they do in any big and complex project, were fixed quickly. This is a company to hire if you have money to pay someone who is going to do everything right, and on-time.

I am extremely happy with the final results in my house. Feel free to contact me if you’d like to learn more about my experiences.

- John T.

We hired Impact to undertake a renovation project in our Capitol Hill rowhome. Impact did a great job managing the budget, schedule, and challenges of working in tight urban conditions on a 100 year old house. Highly recommended.

- Ryan M.

My team and I loved working with Impact on our client's condo renovation. They were professional, friendly, organized and dependable.

- Sally Steponkus Interiors

Impact did a terrific job. Very professional and kept us informed. They were very accurate with budget and time estimates. The final result looks great. Highly recommend.

- Lisa D.

Wonderful to work with from planning to execution. They gave us a realistic sense of budget, worked with us to find products that fell across a spectrum of prices when we were trying to stay on budget and were always available to us during the process. Great company.

- Becky H.