Our Competitive Advantage

The DC Metro Area can boast a number of high quality remodelers and builders.  We believe that choosing the right fit is paramount.  We feel we arrive at the table with a numerous special qualities as a local builder that- when combined- make us unique among our peers.

Local ownership and management.

It matters- deeply.  Our field, there is simply no substitute for deep roots and knowledge of the building community- it’s information that simply can’t be ‘Googled’!.  Impact’s ownership and management team all reside within the District of Columbia, Montgomery County, and Northern Virginia.  Our knowledge of our communities’ building regulations, processes, and quirks are leveraged to inform our clients of what to expect and how to navigate the often daunting local process.


With over 400 projects under out tool belts since our founding, few firms have worked with as many leading designers, architects, suppliers, subcontractors, and inspectors as Impact- truly.  These are our stakeholders, and our relationships with them have been built over years on a foundation of professionalism and respect.  Whether it comes to getting your project ‘over the hump’ or simply dealing with a myriad of unanticipated issues, few firms- if any- have as many long-standing relationships to be leveraged in pursuit of your project as Impact.  When faced with a project, hurdle our relationships can mean the difference between on time delivery and weeks of delay.  When hiring Impact, you’re getting a deep well of experienced professionals, all pulling your project forward.


A construction project is unlike anything most of our clients generally experience in their daily lives.  Even the smallest and most simple of projects often involve a high degree of coordination and expertise.  Residential remodeling is ripe with risk- there are quite literally thousands of potential ‘fail points’.  Everything from improper scoping and budgeting to regulatory confusion and inconsistencies, to human error creates risk and uncertainty.  A typical whole-house remodel or addition can require coordination with upwards of 50 professional entities, and it only takes one mistake to throw a project off track.  Experience inspires confidence- not in perfection, but in knowing that Impact has been around the block many times, and we know how to minimize risk, and resolve problems when they arise with honesty and transparency.


At Impact, we often receive comments from our clients indicating that we feel like a boutique firm—until they see the organization and depth of our operation!  We like to think of ourselves as ‘large-sized small company’.  That has large-sized benefits to our clients as well!!  Impact offers an intimate experience with a fully dedicated management team that is able to leverage our size to ensure that Impact clients are the #1 priority of our suppliers, subcontractors, and Impact team members.  As such, Impact is able to offer truly unique benefits to our clients.